history of Pharmanova


1991 - 2006

pharmanova stari logoPharmanova is domestic pharmaceutical company established in 1991. During all these years, it developed in three directions-retail (pharmacies), wholesale and production. All three segments are intensively developed during the first fifteen years of operation and in each of them are achieved impressive results.

Reminding to the beginning of Pharmanova, returns us to 1991 when in Batajnica was opened first gallenic laboratory. Only two years later (1993.) begins renewal of pharmaceutical wholesale business, which strengthens in coming years while developing its own production. But in 1996 Pharmanova's laboratory places on the market first the first products based on medicinal herbs and since then has continuous growth.

In the year of 2002. the company gets permission for production of generic, herbal and traditional drugs, medical devices, dietary supplements and cosmetic products and after four years (2006.) registers its own control analitic and instrumental laboratory.


2007 - 2013

Continuous growth and improvement of production and business have resulted in excellent scores in each of three segments. After a decade and a half of business, we established Health facility of Pharmanova (chain pharmacies), Pharmanova's wholesale was among top five companies in Serbia, with 12% market share, and the biggest private company in country. Pharmanova's products, particularly herbal drugs, have become synonym in certain areas of application, and the company leader in its production.

Nevertheless, Pharmanova brings a strategic decision to be focused on production, so we made the preliminary design for construction of new factory in Obrenovac, in December of 2007. It was decided to separate pharmacy, wholesale and production, so the company can also deal with production of generic drug, beside the production of herbal drugs, dietary supplements and medical devices. In spring of 2008 wholesale was separated from the company. Its success recognized one of the European biggest distribution chains of pharmaceutical products-Phoenix Pharma, which takes the wholesale, and whom Pharmanova recognizes as its future, reliable partner. Also, the chain of pharmacies becomes the new legal entity-Pharmacity.

That year of 2008 also begins the factory construction, which was finished in November of 2008. Production transfer from old spaces started in December of 2008. and was finished in June of 2009. when officially factory in Obrenovac starts with operation.

Two decades of existence and successful business in domestic and foreign markets, Pharmanova marked in the year of 2011.