pharmanova proizvodnja 1Pharmanova launched its own production in 1996. First products of our production program- herbal syrups for children - are still recognizable and popular brand of many parents. 

Ever since, Pharmanova developed its products in several directions:

  • herbal and traditional drugs
  • generic drugs
  • supplements
  • medical devices
  • general use products

Our orientation to develop production is reflected in the continuous investment in production capacity, production trending, modernization of facilities, equipment and knowledge.

Manufacturing plant
Today, Pharmanova's products are made in manufacturing facility, projected and constructed in accordance with standards of Good manufacturing practice, in which the attention is devoted on quality. Factory is placed in Obrenovac, about 15 km far from Belgrade. Our capacities allow production of solid (capsules), semisolid (creams, ointments, gels) and liquid (syrups, drops), pharmaceutical forms in each of three separated manufacturing plants.

Contemporary and well equipped laboratory, with professional staff, allows following and measuring in all stages of production.

Permissions and certificates:

  • permission for drug production
  • permission for medical equipment production
  • ISO 22000 i HACCP-for supplements production
  • ISO 13 485-for medical equipment production
  • GMP certificate

Quality control
Pharmanova has its own laboratory for control of quality consisting of physicochemical and microbiological laboratory, and also the stability control laboratory.
Professional and educated staff, contemporary devices and good organization enabled accreditation of laboratory in accordance with standard ISO 17 025.

Addition of the control for their own purposes, quality control laboratory performs contractual quality control, in accordance with the scope of their accreditation. Besides, Pharmanova can offer services in the area of service production. Our goal is to be recognizes on the market as reliable partner, which offer the offers of high-quality and comprehensive service production with optimal cost.






Photo: (Factory Obrenovac) signature for photo: Factory in Obrenovac: location- industrial zone Obrenovac, surface 21.000 m2, object surface 3.100 m2).