Humanitarian grilling in Niš for Safe House

Sunday, 09 June 2013 09:04

Company Pharmanova supported humanitarian action of media house Banker Niš, with donation from the syrup line Medicinal empire, which they raised the necessary funds and long-term food for NURDOR safe house in Niš.

NURDOR the National Association of Parents, doctors and families whose children have cancer, a safe house in Nis, allows free stay to kids from all over Serbia, which are treated in this city, and to their parents also.

Humanitarian action called "Grilling with the BANKER-TV" was held on the bank of the Nišava River, on the Vrežinski pool. Each registered "grills" and the family that donated aid to association NURDOR that day, partners of BANKER radio, SimImpex and Winners donated 1kg of meat for barbecue, and during the all day thez listened to the program of BANKER radio. The event joined the kindergarten teachers from Ecipecipec Wonderland, who entertain children through a variety of educational and fun workshops.