The term B2B is short term business-to-business (Eng.). B2B model and business-to-business, is a model that is based on the business relationships between business entities. In this way, companies can create a wide interrelationship with distributors, suppliers and other business partners for B2B direct marketing uses of information and communication technology in order to achieve long-term partnership, good relations with neighbors and attract loyal customers.
B2B connects all participants in the business process prior to the end users (suppliers, agents, distributors and other business partners) and includes not only trade, but also the exchange of goods, services, and service.
Innovation and quality to our activities, and thus our B2B model focuses on:
- Creating new value for customers
- Partnership to develop professional solutions that increase the efficiency and productivity
- Partner the right to use trademarks to manufacture, promotion, sale and distribution of products and services
- Production and organization of production and services of third parties with constant quality control of products and services



Naš cilj je da nas tržište prepozna kao pouzdanog partnera koji nudi kvalitetnu i celovitu uslugu proizvodnje, uz optimalne troškove...



Pharmanova has its own laboratory for control of quality, which consist of physicochemical and microbiological laboratory and also laboratory...



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