contracted quality control


kontrola kvalitetaPharmanova has its own laboratory for control of quality, which consist of physicochemical and microbiological laboratory and also laboratory for stability control.

Professional and educated staff, contemporary devices and good organization, enabled accreditation of laboratory in accordance with standards ISO 17 025

Addition to the control for our own purposes, laboratory for quality control performs contractual quality control in the scope of our accreditation.

QC Pharmanova can offer a wide range of service in the domestic market.

  • Testing the quality of the starting and packaging materials.
  • Development of methods and their validation.
  • Physicochemical and microbiological analysis by standard methods Ph Eur,USP and PB intermediated products ,semi- products and finished products.
  • Microbiological analysis by our own sanitation and regulations of safety.
  • Monitoring the stability of finished products, semi-products and products in development.
  • Sampling and microbiological control of compressed air.
  • Sampling and testing of air and surface in classified area.
  • Evaluation of the efficacy of preservatives.
  • Transfer of validated analytical methods from the original into our laboratory.
  • QC Pharmanova uses modern equipment UV-VIS Spectrophotometer ,HPLC, UPLC, GC, Polarimeter ,Refractometer and other techniques.
  • QC Pharmanova is inspected by certified auditors in accordance with ISO standards (ISO 9001,ISO 22000,13485) HACCP system and GMP guidelines.
  • QC Pharmanova confirmed the competence of testing activities obtaining ISO 17025 certification from ATS under the number 01-353
  • QC Pharmanova participated in inter-laboratory checks ,organized by international certified PT provider confirming the methods used for testing.
  • Applying of good laboratory practice (GcLP) constantly increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Many of our users may testify for the quality of our service and favorable terms in which we provide reliable test results.
  • Our clients are well-known names in the Serbian market: Producer of raw materials, manufacturers and distributors of drugs, manufacturers of medicinal extracts ,dietetic supplements, galenic preparations and medical devices.