Friday, 27 September 2013 12:05

Pharmanova supported the humanitarian event organized by Radio Banker Nis, donating one package (24 syrup) multivitamin syrup Bongo for the  parents house associations NURDOR in Nis. On Sunday, June 9 2013th , on the riverside of the Vrežinski`s pool , we had the second biggest humanitarian "Reveille" titled "Barbecue with the BANKER".

This is a one-day, spring picnic, organized and dedicated citizens of Nis, their families, friends, business partners and colleagues. Humanitarian and entertaining character ,lasted from 10 to 18h. This year reveille was marked by the association NURDOR (National Association of Parents, doctors and families whose children have cancer).Long term groceries have been collected for the NURDOR parents house, place where children and there parents reside during the healing process. Each family that donated aid for the  association NURDOR that day, partners BANKER radio, donated by 1kg meat for the grill, and all day, they were listening to the program and music from BANKER radio, entertainment for the youngest and activation for adults has been organized.