Vitamin C + Zn Direkt

It is the combination of vitamin C and zinc in an innovative formulation for application without adding liquid.



Vitamin C Direkt + Zn is a dietary supplement that, in a quick and easy way, provides the beneficial effect of vitamin C and zinc to the body. 

The powerful antioxidant properties of vitamin C and zinc contribute to the strengthening of immunity and body resistance. Vitamin C Direkt with zinc is recommended as a daily supplement throughout the year, and especially in spring, in order to support the immune system to fight allergies.

Vitamin C and zinc in combination will positively affect on the creation and preservation of collagen, an important element for building cartilage and bones, but also for a healthy and beautiful appearance of the skin, hair and nails.

The positive aspects of the synergy of vitamin C and zinc are reflected in:

• better binding of iron in the body, which is important for those who have problems with anemia
• maintaining normal vision in people
• effect on fertility and better reproductive abilities
• creating more energy and less exhaustion.

 It is this Direkt form of vitamin C and zinc that provides their better absorption and more efficient operation of the well-being of the body. 

Ingredients: one sachet contains 300 mg of vitamin C and 10 mg zinc powder  
Packing: 20 bags
Way of use: One bag a day melt directly in the mouth, without further addition of liquid