generic drugs

Generic medication is identical (bioequivalent) to the original drug, contains the same active substance, it is applied for the same indication in the same manner, at the same dose and in the same form. It is as good and safe as the original drug, and can begin to be produced after the original drug patent protection expires.

Generic drugs are equal to the market with the original, because they contain safe and effective ingredients as the original drugs. A generic version of a medicine can sometimes have a different color or shape than the original drug, but these differences have an impact on efficacy. They exist only that the drugs could be different from each other. Also, the price of generic drugs is much lower than the original drug, because the initial, basic and clinical research (which are originators) need not be repeated, so the cost of the manufacturers of such drugs is lower than the cost of production of the original.

Serbian pharmaceutical industry is a "generic" industry, because in our country we only produce generic drugs. The difference between some generic manufacturers is that high-quality domestic producers of highly sophisticated manufacturing technology, with patents on medicines, buy from "originators", or develop it by themselves. Improvement of existing drug formulations is also an expensive process, and that privilege have only the largest domestic drug companies.