Our recognizable quality is how we earned the trust of consumers over the many years

PHARMANOVA d.o.o., a pharmaceutical production company, is a Serbian pharmaceutical company that has been engaged in the production of drugs, dietary products – food supplements, medical devices and general use items since 1996.

Over the years, our products have gained the trust of consumers through recognizable quality, thus over time, our company name has become a symbol of quality products and dynamic business.

By investing in the manufacturing plant in Obrenovac and staff training, we have secured business conditions in accordance with the requirements of the Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines.

As such, we provide the market with top quality products, produced under controlled conditions.

The development of PHARMANOVA d.o.o. as a manufacturer of generic drugs and attaining the leading position in Serbia in the production of food supplements are our top priorities, the realization of which we follow by monitoring our market share.

Building business success, developing and improving customer satisfaction and motivating all employees are based on meeting the following strategic goals we set out:

In order to fulfill the goals that we have set, all employees give their personal contribution through the introduction, consistent application and continuous improvement.

Belgrade, 30/09/19

Aleksandra Mirić