Our history

We have come a long way - from one pharmacy to a modern factory


Since its founding in 1991 and the opening of the first galenic laboratory, we have been developing in three areas: retail (pharmacies), wholesale and manufacturing. Only the best results in all three fields throughout the last 27 years have made Pharmanova what it is today.


Already by 1993, we entered the field of wholesale, without neglecting the development of our own products.


1996 is certainly one of the turning points, because it marked the creation of the first medicinal herb based product by our laboratory.


In 2002, Pharmanova received a license for the production of generic drugs, herbal and traditional, medical devices, dietary and cosmetic products, and in 2006 we registered our own analytical quality control and instrumental laboratory.


In 2007, Pharmanova was the largest private wholesaler in Serbia, and we also launched our own chain of pharmacies. It was time to invest in production at a higher level both in terms of capacity and in terms of production standards, which is why we also made a preliminary design for the factory that same year.


Our determination to raise production to a higher level resulted in the launch of a new production site already by the end of 2008. The new facilities and the newly introduced quality system have since successfully completed all certifications and inspections, thus Pharmanova has acquired quality management certificates for ISO 9001, ISO 13485 relating to the production of medical devices, HACCP relating to the production of food supplements, 17025 relating to the quality control laboratory and a certificate of good manufacturing practice (GMP) for the production of medicine.


The new manufacturing plant and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines compliant quality system have enabled us to begin manufacturing prescription drugs, as well as new OTC drugs that Pharmanova has developed using its own strengths and technical solutions.


Proslavljamo 25. godina postojanja i neprekidnog prisustva na tržištu Srbije i regiona! We celebrated the 25th anniversary of our existence and uninterrupted presence on the Serbian and regional markets! Hvala svima koji ideju Pharmanove podržavaju već četvrtinu veka! Thanks to everyone supporting Pharmanova for a quarter of a century!


This was the year of our intensive development - the plan to launch 5 new products in 2018 began with the launch of the enzyme Gastroregular Gluten, and continued with the launch of the new product Selenium + Zinc Direkt. Expect new products, we keep our promises!