pharmanova 1Pharmanova d.o.o is manufacturing company which produces pharmaceutical products. Pharmanova is domestic, private pharmaceutical company established in 1991. During the years, we passed a developmental path from pharmacy in Batajnica, over the operating system which included network of pharmacies, to current status-one of the biggest producers of medicines, medical devices and dietary supplements. In this system we also have a modern factory, which meets the strict standards of The European Union.


Manufacture plant, placed in Obrenovac, which started to work in December 2008. is built under the all principles of the Good manufacturing practice. We have our own control laboratory, in which we do physical, chemical and microbiological reactions of starting and packing material, intermediate and semiproducts, and the finished product, and also the control of ambiental conditions in producing process. Within control laboratory, there is also laboratory for the control of stability.

In factory and control laboratories, which are built and qualified in accordance with the standards of EUcGMP, we do the production and control of products to our program and to third parties.


Many of the products of Pharmanova have become the synonym of certain areas of application. Today, our company has the status of leader in production and sale of herbal and traditional medicines and dietary supplements. We are continuously developing our product portfolio-on innovation and improvement of quality of existing products and introducing new products.

In its assortment Pharmanova has generic medicines which are applied in treatment of skeletal and joint, cardiovascular, gastroenterological diseases and antibiotics. Expansion plans of our assortments are very ambitious, and in next two years we are expecting to double the number of registered products.

In line with our quality policy of products, development of new, high quality, safe and efficient, herbal, traditional and generic medicines, medical equipment and dietetic products, strategically we have chosen to do the service production to all interested companies inside and outside of Serbia.




Pharmanova is the company with high standards of working quality. Compliance with legal requirements in this area and professional standards, have resulted in clearly defined targets of quality, which employees must meet. Way to good manufacturing practice and successful sale leads through systematic and well organized training, which is the first obligation of all newly employed workers.