Avaricon® Gel and Vein Cream

Avaricon® Gel and Cream have a positive effect on:

  • Varicose veins
  • Sore and swollen legs
  • Frequent cramps and sensations of heavy legs
  • Cracked capillaries
  • Bruising and sports injuries

Avaricon® Gel and Cream contain a combination of natural active substances that alleviate the problems caused by venous circulation disorders in the legs: swelling and pain, cramps, paresthesia and the so-called sensation of heavy legs. With regular use, the product leads to a reduction in discomfort, easier walking and vitalization of the skin and blood vessels of the legs.

Avaricon® Gel and Cream are also used for soft tissue injuries of the legs (bumps, sprains) that are accompanied by swelling, pain and bruising.