Avaricon® Hemorrhoid Cream and Wet Wipes®

Avaricon® Hemorrhoid Cream

Thanks to the beneficial effect of medicinal ingredients and the special formulation of their concentrations, AVARICON® HEMOR CREAM is especially beneficial for people who suffer from the problems caused by:

  • inflamed, painful and irritated dry skin
  • dried mucosa of the anal region

Witch-hazel extract has been known for decades for its anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties, while marigold is traditionally used to treat slow-healing wounds, cuts, scratches, burns and all other conditions in which skin regeneration is necessary. Panthenol nourishes and protects the skin from drying out, while the essential oil of peppermint has an antiseptic effect, alleviates discomfort and provides a pleasant feeling of cooling. Allantoin has emollient properties, it has a protective and soothing effect.

Avaricon® hemorrhoid wet wipes

Avaricon® hemorrhoid wet wipes with their composition and texture are intended to maintain proper hygiene and alleviate the problems of sensitive and irritated skin and mucous membranes of the anal region.

Thanks to the soft texture and specially developed formula, Avaricon® hemorrhoid wet wipes provide a feeling of cleanliness and freshness throughout the day. Chamomile extract, bisabolol and moisturizing emulsion nourish the sensitive skin of the anal region and protect it from drying out. Witch-hazel extract has a soothing effect on the skin. They are recommended for use in all situations when your skin, especially the anal region, needs additional hygiene. After use, the product can be thrown into the toilet.