Oestrofact® HL


  • Moisturizes and regenerates the vaginal mucosa
  • Relieves inflammation

Oestrofact HL Vagitories contain hyaluronic and lactic acid and are used to moisturize the vaginal mucosa in conditions accompanied by vaginal dryness as well as to maintain the optimal pH value of the vaginal mucosa.

The released hyaluronic acid multiplies its volume multifold and creates a layer of gel on the surface of the vaginal mucosa. In that way, a protective barrier and appropriate conditions for the activation of natural regenerative and protective mechanisms are created. The protective layer, formed from hyaluronic acid, restores natural moisture, reduces inflammation and accelerates the recovery process of damaged mucous membranes.

Lactic acid lowers the pH in the vagina. Low pH value (3.8 -4.2) is characteristic of healthy vaginal mucosa and as such prevents the development of pathogenic microflora and helps maintain the natural balance of the vaginal microflora.

OESTROFACT® HL Vagitories are recommended for:

  • preventing vaginal dryness due to aging, low estrogen levels, hormone therapy and use of contraceptives;
  • assisting in the processes of epithelialization and healing of damaged mucous membranes after childbirth, gynecological or surgical interventions, due to chemotherapy or radiotherapy, or due to vaginitis;
  • reducing discomfort during painful sexual intercourse;
  • maintaining the proper pH of the vagina

Vagitories should be used continuously, for 14 to 20 consecutive days. Do not use the product for more than 20 days in one treatment cycle. Vagitory use should be planned so that it is not interrupted by the menstrual cycle.