Vitamin C+Zn

Vitamin C+Zn is a dietary supplement that provides the body with the beneficial effects of vitamin C and zinc thus:

  • strengthening the body’s immune system and resistance
  • reducing the possibility of colds and respiratory infections
  • contributing to better skin health and appearance

Vitamin C+Zn capsules contain 300 mg of vitamin C and 10 mg of zinc. The recommended daily dose is one capsule preventively, for at least a month before the expected threat of colds and flu arises. If you already have flu and cold symptoms, you can take two capsules daily.

It is recommended to take Vitamin C+Zn capsules for three months continuously every day.

In addition to clinically proven effects in strengthening the immune system and immunomodulatory effects, Vitamin C+Zn capsules have an antioxidant effect and protect cells from free radicals, they are especially suitable for smokers, while their use among people who take iron supplements is indispensable, because vitamin C is indispensable in the absorption and bonding of iron.