Take control, a solution exists!

Support for proper the functioning of the:

  • urinary bladder
  • lower urinary tract

UTIDRY® is a natural product whose unique composition of plant extracts of standardized quality provide support for the proper functioning of the bladder and lower urinary tract in women, in terms of maintaining urinary control. The product contains pumpkin seed extract and isoflavones from soybean seeds.

Scientific studies have confirmed that a mixture of dry pumpkin seed extract and soybean isoflavones can help maintain lower urinary tract health in women, so it is recommended for women who have trouble maintaining urinary control. Isoflavone genistein reduces the activity and spasms of the bladder muscles, while the total isoflavones can improve collagen synthesis and thus reduce the weakness of the organs of the lower urinary tract. The active components from pumpkin seeds can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

Problems in maintaining urinary control are manifested by the appearance of frequent or involuntary urination, which can vary in intensity, and which is usually preceded by a sudden urgent need to empty the bladder. Sometimes this phenomenon is initiated in conditions of physical exertion, lifting a heavy load or coughing. These problems indicate a condition called urinary incontinence, which is more common in the female population.

Results of European studies: 92% of women who participated in European studies, following the use of Utidry®, confirmed an improvement in their quality

of life because the study findings showed a significant reduction in involuntary urination by 72%, less nocturia – nocturnal urination by 69%, a reduction in stress incontinence episodes by 52%, and urinary incontinence by 46% and finally less use of pads by 66%.

Composition: One capsule contains:

DropsordryTM (a standardized mixture of dry pumpkin seed extract, Cucurbita pepo and soybean isoflavones, Glycine Max with min. 4.5% isoflavones and min. 1.75% enterodiol) 500 mg (22.5 mg isoflavones and 8.75 mg enterodiol)

Usage: Women over the age of 18: Twice a day, one capsule for the first four weeks, then one capsule daily for the next 20 weeks.

Packaging: 30 capsules